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Client Description

Ingolstadt: Selectionasset for rear suspension compensating disk

Ingolstadt: Automatic loading and unloading of sheet metal parts from a transfer press

Audi Taiwan

Chang Chung: Conveyor technique for engine assembly

Autolatina Brazil

Taubate: Body assembling for right- and left side panels. Type of Vehicle: GOL 2-doors.


Munich: Assembly line for active rear suspension kinematics

Dingolfing: Gear ratio system

Regensburg: Panorama roof sealer application


Stuttgart: Assembly line with test for fuel pump


Mettingen: Implementation of conveying system

Mettingen: Turbocharger line

Hedelfingen: Steering line


Bad Cannstatt: Cleaning Machine for machined car parts

Bad Cannstatt: Automatic assembly line for crankshaft bearing cover of the DC motor M272/M112 and 3/3


Cologne: Exhaust assembly with automatic component recognition

Cologne: Engine production line for V6/V8 engines

General Motors Canada

St. Catharines: Motor production line for cars

Dial Table Machine: Belt tensioners for Nissan, Ford and GM

General Motors USA

Powertrain Detroit: V8 engine production line for trucks and cars

Mercedes Benz

Hamburg: Robot welding system for round table pivot bearings

Sindelfingen: Automatic unloading of stamped steel sheet piece from a transfer press with stacking

Sindelfingen: Indexing table for spot-welding and de-stacking of fully suspended drives

Stuttgart: Transfer system for large stage press

Stuttgart Assembly line for engine block


Rüsselsheim: Assembly line for manual transmission

Kaiserslautern: Assembly line for engines, creation of software and startup

Anvers, Pays-Bas: Automatic loading and unloading of sheet metal parts from a transfer press (Blankloaders)

Oxford Automotive

Nagold: Complete system for production of the rear wall W211 (clinching) for DC-E-Class


HW, SW + IB Press-subframe for model Panamera

PSA France

Tremery: Gun drilling unit for crankshafts and cabinets

Tremery: NC - controlled drop unit

Sept-Fons: Molding plant for brake discs

Valenciennes: Machine centre for gear and clutch bell housing

Douvrin: Superfinishing machine for crankshaft/p>

Valenciennes: Raw material loading

Sochaux, Rennes, Poissy, Vigo: Unloading device for cutting machine

Charleville: X-ray system in furnaces

Renault France

Cleon: Processing station for crankshafts in engine production

Douvrin: Gun drilling unit for crankshafts and cabinets

Douvrin: NC - controlled drop unit

Le Mans: Milling machine for crankshaft machining

Battilly: Automated system for bonding front and rear windows for cars

Renault Spain

Valladolid: Belt system for cutting sheet coils

Palencia: Querstapeleinrichtung an einer Schneidelinie

Skoda Czech Republic

Mlada Boleslav: Implementation of a blanking line with feed and de-stacking


Salzgitter: Assembly line for automatic gearbox

Salzgitter: Assembly line for instrument panel (for cars)

Hannover: Automatic loading and unloading of sheet metal parts from a transfer press

China: Platinum loading machine

Kassel: High pressure deburring system


Sköde: Purifier

VW do Brasil

Sao Paulo: Right and left side panel manufacturing. Vehicle type: GOL 4-door


Saarbrücken: Assembly plant for dual clutch and automatic transmission for Audi A8

Schwäbisch Gmünd: BMW: Assembly line for electrical aided steering gear

Friedrichshafen: Joining plant

May 2016

Continental Bebra

Test NVH including lock route for WT

April 2016

ETO – Stockach

Coil winding machine

March 2016

Borg Warner

Packet assembly

February 2016

VW Chattanooga – USA

Door seal application with plate technology

January 2016

Daimler Kassel / Daimler Redford – USA

Assembly line for front axle differential

December 2015

Voestalpin China + USA

Press machine

November 2015

Schuler Gemmingen

Complete installation of a hot forging press line

October 2015

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Test facilities to quantum efficiency measurement for solar cells

September 2015


Transmission assembly line


Transmission assembly line

July 2015

25th Anniversary

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June 2015


Testing and adjusting system for LED light modules in cars

May 2015


Software development for a hydrostatic testing system

April 2015


Electrical design based on NEMA regulations

March 2015


Master data extension for flatware plant

February 2015


Conversion and extension of a gasoline pump line

January 2015

ZF Kama

Extension of a gear supply plant

December 2014

Cooper Standard Metzeler

Software development and commissioning of a production plant for rubber profiles

November 2014

Ford China

Software development and commissioning of a fully automated assembly line for panorama roofs

October 2014

Voest Alpine Schwäbisch Gmünd und Schmölln

Hardware design, software development and commissioning of several hot forming plant for car body parts

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