Discover here our most important projects that we have accomplished for international clients:

Thermal Solutions

Sharp blades produced better

Clean shaven in the middle east

For razor blades you need extra hard metal. Customers in the Middle East also want to have cheap, clean and safe razors. For manufacturers, this means constantly optimizing the production process. The End customer produces hundreds of thousands of blades per year in Egypt, relying on powerful machines from Germany

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Volvo Group

New robot for hybrid drive

Volvo relies on hybrid twin-engines

Volvo combines the environmental friendliness of electric mobility with the range and performance of classic internal combustion engines in its twin-engine models. The hybrid drive consists of an internal combustion engine and an electric drive, which complete each other depending on the driving situation. The E-machine not only drives the vehicle, but also uses the braking energy for the drive. The inverter acts as an important link and power electronics between the battery and the electric machine - it converts the DC voltage of the high-performance battery into AC voltage.

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